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Arashi Shibori: A Language of Stripes offers a complete course on Arashi Shibori Japanese tie dyed pole wrapping to create patterned and pleated fabrics. Arashi Shibori can be quick and easy, or developed to make complex layered designs. Vintage Arashi fabrics are featured as well as Ana Lisa’s own work.




Take an Arashi Workshop with Ana Lisa Hedstrom in your home.

Arashi Shibori - Workshop Preview

Ana Lisa Hedstrom provides a complete Arashi Shibori pole wrapping workshop in Arashi Shibori: A Language of Stripes. Beginning with basic wrapping techniques using string, Ana Lisa demonstrates step-by-step how to achieve simple and more complex patterns on a variety of fabrics.

Ana Lisa draws extensive inspiration from Japanese Arimatsu Shibori traditional fabrics and adapts traditional Arashi pole wrapping methods to be used in a contemporary studio. 

A virtual visit to the fabrics of Arimatsu is included in this 2-hour video class which includes a number of antique samples with lost techniques. We view the sample fabrics Ana Lisa has collected over the years during her visits to Arimatsu and Narumi. These indigo-dyed cotton yukata fabrics display an amazing range of simple and complex patterns including Angel Wings (hagaromo) and the Arashi Net Pattern. Both the contemporary and antique fabrics show the amazing skill and ingenuity of the Japanese artisans.

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Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Projects Shibori Pole Wrapping


Ana Lisa starts with the basics by sewing a cylinder and pushing it onto the PVC pipe. She continues with diagonal wrapping with string to create diagonal stripes; then continues by adding a twist while pushing to make small raindrop shapes ( OChiri). Even more complex intersecting patterns are made by re-wrapping the dyed fabric in the opposite direction before dyeing again.
Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Folding And Wrapping


Intriguing patterns can be created by folding or pleating cloth before it is wrapped on a pole. Ana Lisa demonstrates this concept by folding the fabric lengthwise, ironing in vertical and horizontal knife pleats, and with random tucks. The fabric may be pushed up straight or with an added twist with amazing results.
Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Pleating


Intricate textures and pleats can be captured by heat setting fabric on the pole. Silk is especially suited to this process and Ana Lisa demonstrates the creation of pleated silk scarves using silk acid dyes.
Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Projects Sock Project


Shibori dyed fabrics can be used for fashion, quilts and art textiles. Ana Lisa shares her own work and history in creating one-of-a-kind art wear, silk scarves, pieced quilts, and wall hangings. Ana Lisa demonstrates simple and fun projects such as dyeing cotton socks. She suggests ways that shibori can be adapted to western fashion or the making of modular pieces for quilts.
Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Dyeing Analisa Hedstrom


There are many ways to dye arashi shibori fabric, and each method offers a different quality. Ana Lisa introduces the use of Indigo, silk acid dye, and Procion Fiber Reactive dye in both Immersion and thickened applications. Even a beginner can develop a ‘signature” look by exploring different dye applications.
Arashi Shibori A Language Of Stripes Arashi Net Pattern


The Arimatsu artisan was remarkably inventive in finding ways to wrap and rewrap fabric. The net pattern is one of the most beautiful and challenging. Ana Lisa demonstrates how the fabric may be wrapped on the pole with a twist, dipped into hot water, and dried on the pole. Then the pleated fabric is taken off the pole ,flipped so the side against the pole is now on the surface and re-wrapped before dyeing.
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Bonus Workshop PDFs

This online edition includes a Workshop Chapter List as well as Updated Resources Guide, to guide you through your learning journey.

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2 Hours, English Language • 19 Videos + 2 PDFs

Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Textile Artist • About the Instructor

Ana Lisa Hedstrom Artist Portrait

Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Textile Artist • About the Instructor

Ana Lisa has been dyeing fabric for art wear, quilts and art textiles for over 40 years and still finds inspiration in the endless possibilities of shibori dyeing. Her signature shibori textiles are included in the museum collections of the Cooper Hewett Smithsonian Design Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the de Young (San Francisco) and Racine Art Museum. She has received public art commissions for the City of Emeryville, California, and the American Embassy, Brunei.

Ana Lisa  is a frequent instructor at art schools and international conferences including San Francisco State University and California College of Arts.  Ana Lisa has received two 
NEA grants and is a fellow of the American Craft Council.

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