Screen Printing: Layering Textiles with Color & Imagery

Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

Flipbook + Video Workshop: View Online & Download Today

Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan screen printing workshop including 84-page eBook + 45 minute video tutorial including instructions, project ideas and recipes.



Screen Printing: Layering Textiles with Color, Texture & Imagery is...

… a wonderful workshop for both beginning surface design artists as well as presenting some new challenges and opportunities for more advance textile artists.

The workshop is delivered as a digital download with all PDFs and video files included. Included in your purchase is unlimited access as well to the online edition which includes the Flipbook and Video Tutorial as well.

A silkscreen can be a remarkably versatile tool in the hands of an enquiring mind and an attitude of curiosity. Endless possibilities exist in terms of line, shape and texture. Capable of perfect precision and repeat patterning, the screen can also create marvelously organic, fun and spontaneous results. 

Many of the examples shown in this book have been printed (sometimes as a single layer, sometimes with many layers), but some have also been over- dyed, scraped with thickened dye paint, painted with thin dye paint and so forth. Creating cloth that has complexity and depth will usually mean that you’ll use multiple processes or approaches, so think about what’s right for each individual piece, don’t just reach for the screen because you feel like it.

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Screen Printing Step by Step

Let’s have a look at the Flipbook —

84 pages with more than 175 illustrations and detailed step-by-step method provide everything you will need in terms of instruction, materials, do’s and don’ts and loads of ways of getting your design onto the screen. In fact the book provides 25 different ways of working with the silk screen, including:

  • Using a Blank Screen
  • Temporary Resists
  • Paper & Plastic Stencils and Resists
  • Fabric-based Stencils
  • Semi-Permanent Designs, and
  • Permanent Designs

Covered as well are Media & Recipes, Color Mixing, How to Care for the Screen, and how to Re-Mesh the Worn Silk Screen at home or in your studio.

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The Video Tutorial is a 45+ minute workshop with Leslie and Claire, and includes a complete silk screen demonstration with stencils, dye and print paste as well as information on cleaning and storing your screen. Before and After discussions of results are also included in this wonderful addition to the digital book.

View in full screen on your monitor or tablet — subtitles are included (online version).

Zoom In, Search by Key Word, Navigate using the Table of Contents and Bookmark your favorite pages for later viewing in the online Flipbook edition which gives you wonderful closeups on both desktop monitors and tablets as well.

Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan • About the Instructors

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Claire Benn is an artist who works in mixed media: textiles, raw earth pigments, natural dyes, acrylic paint and thread. Her work is abstract, reductive, contemporary, quiet and very tactile; apparently simple yet engaged with a complexity of ideas and practices. Visit Claire’s Website

Leslie Morgan describes herself as ‘an embroiderer who makes Quilts’. From her workshop and teaching studio in the UK Leslie continues the tradition of excellence in surface design education, instruction and creation. Visit Committed to Cloth