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In 2012 I went to Prague in the Czech Republic.  My mother's ancestors were from Hungary by way of Czechoslovakia and my grandfather who was a coal miner in Western Pennsylvania never really spoke much about 'the old country', at least not to me.  So like a lot of Americans I went "in search of my roots" and organized a visit to meet both a wonderful doll maker and a talented puppet maker who both live in Prague.
  • Andrew Galli

In 'the Encaustic Studio' with Daniella Woolf

At the end of September I got the chance to visit with Daniella again and I think I got the chance to really get to know her, to understand her approach.  We began filming one afternoon and I noticed that she was setting up several panels at once for the shot.  While I was tempted to say "hang on -- let's work on one at a time" I decided instead to 'see where this was going'.
  • Andrew Galli