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For many years Studio Galli Productions has been commissioned to produce artist portraits, exhibition interviews, and archival video for everyone from the Surface Design Association to the London Knitting & Stitching Show.  These videos which have amassed millions of views on Youtube are now available for your enjoyment directly from our website.  Choose a category at the top to filter your preferences.  Click on an image to enjoy the full screen video presentation.

Video Highlights from the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England

dorothy caldwell video
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Dorothy Caldwell Quilts: Marking the Every Day

Dorothy Caldwell is a textile artist living and working in rural Ontario, Canada. Her work reflects the rural landscape and topography. She makes use of maps and land surveys to create large and small quilted topographies. Batik wax resist, cantings and stamps are an element of her work in mark making and surface design.
wada sunshine
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Sunshine & Surprise, African American Quilts - Yoshiko I. Wada, Curator

Yoshiko Wada curates this wonderful exhibition of African American Quilts from major private collectors in the USA. The work represents living and deceased artists who work with scrap fabrics to produce traditional log cabin and unconventional designs on cloth.
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Philippa Naylor Quilting Artist - Free Motion Machine Quilting Demonstration

Phillippa Naylor is a free hand quilt maker from Yorkshire, England. In this interview and demonstration, Philippa discusses her prize winning quilt, “Flower Power”, which celebrates traditional North Country whole cloth quilting with her own contemporary flair and free motion sewing machine technique.
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Susan Brandeis Retrospective: Quilting & Surface Design, 1978-2008

Susan Brandeis is a professor of art and design at North Carolina State University. Her methods include a variety of surface design techniques including screen printing, dyeing and digital printing. Susan’s exhibition is a retrospective of her work from 1978 to 2008. While her work is very contemporary, she uses many traditional techniques such as strip piecing and appliqué.
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Tivaevae Quilting Treasures from the Cook Islands, New Zealand

Ann Scott, Editor and Publisher of New Zealand Quilter Magazine, joins us at the Festival of Quilts with a collection of quilts from the Tivaevae of the Cook Islands. Tivaevae is an art form particular to the Cook Islands, and means “to stitch or to sew”. Tivaevae quilts are made by women and often presented on special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries or other major life events.
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Lilian Hedley's North Country Quilting: Strippys & Tupenny Feathers

Lilian Hedley lives in Durham in the North of England. She is regarded as one of the finest creators of hand stitched whole cloth (single fabric) quilts. Lilian talks about and demonstrates the historical process of North Country quilting as well as the production of ‘commercial’ style quilts that featured Strippys and Tupenny Feathers. A rare glimpse into the work of one of the finest whole cloth quilters in the world today.