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Studio Galli Productions produces DVDs and digital/streaming workshops for a variety of surface design, stitch and textile artists.  We also produce archival video for leading art museums and artist portraits for some of the top makers in the world today.  Online, Studio Galli Productions is “Galli Creative” — a center for streaming books and videos, downloadable workshops,  news articles and some popular DVDs.  Have a look below at some of our work and capabilities, which include content creation, hosting, management and support.

Artist Portraits

In addition to the catalog of films shown below, Studio Galli has produced artist portraits for several leading artists. One of the films is “The Responsive Guitar” which we produced for Ervin Somogyi celebrating his 40+ years as the recognized world leader in steel string guitar making.  His clients include several Grammy winning artists, SONY Music, and some of the top folk and acoustic recording artists today.

Conference/Event Coverage

 Studio Galli has managed event and conference coverage of leading craft associations, events and festivals in North American and the United Kingdom. For several years we were the show videographer for the Surface Design Association, the World Shibori Network (Slow Fiber Studios), the Embroiderers’ Guild (UK), the London, Dublin and Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Shows and the Birmingham Festival of Quilts for Creative Exhibitions, Ltd., London (now Upper Street Events). 


Our journey has taken us from Europe to Asia to South America as we have captured some of the finest artists exploring textiles and craft.  Today our project clients include some of the finest art museums and galleries in the world such as the San Francisco Asian Art Museum who sponsored the creation of our film, Batik of Java: A Visual Journey as well as numerous indigenous craft films in Southeast Asia. 

One of our favorites is Balinese Double Ikat where we journeyed to the Island of Bali, Indonesia and into the rainforests surrounding Ubud in order to capture centuries old weaving traditions, natural dyeing, customs and community rituals. 

Educational Workshops / DVDs

Since 2007 Studio Galli Productions has been producing high quality textile and surface design related DVDs, videos and eBooks for beginning to advanced artists.   From our very first DVD on silk painting to the current advanced dye and surface design workshops we have always endeavored to bring the viewer into the creative studio with the artist – along their side.  The film “Color By Accident” was produced for Ann Johnston who is a leading author of fabric dyeing books available from dealers worldwide.

Content Hosting, Management & Streaming Solutions

In addition to video production, Galli Creative provides content hosting, management and streaming solutions for clients in North America and the United Kingdom.  We have our own dedicated cloud servers to ensure complete control of the content, high level security, and full redundant backups of all content.  Please contact us for information about our hosting, management and streaming solutions available at this time.

Studio Galli Productions Film Catalog 2007-2020

Studio Galli Productions produces DVDs and digital/streaming workshops for a variety of surface design, stitch and textile artists.  Have a look at our catalog year by year.  Many titles are available through US, European and Australian dealers and artists and some links will reflect that as well.


silk painting with jill kennedy dvd cover illustration
Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy
Creating Wire & Beaded Jewelry
2007 Festival of Quilts
Tray Dyeing


Creating Machine Embroidery
Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori
the festival of quilts, 2008, DVD cover image, galli creative
Festival of Quilts 2008
Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination - Claire Benn, Jane Dunnewold & Leslie Morgan
Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination


Surface Design Association 2009
SDA Demonstrations 2009
Voicing the Guitar
Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility


Encaustic Monotypes
Encaustic + Paper
Breakdown Printing (book+dvd)
In Action


Arashi Shibori: A Language of Stripes
Teach + Learn Volume 2
Cloth Doll Making
Natural Dye Workshop I with Michel Garcia


Natural Dye Workshop II with Michel Garcia
Cover Image from "In Stitches” featuring Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn
In Stitches
Cloth Doll Inspirations
Thermofax Printing


Batik Workshop: Paper and Fabric
Stitch Resist Reconsidered
Screen Printing
Making your Mark


Itajime Shibori
Natural Dye Workshop III with Michel Garcia
Color By Accident
Soy Wax Inspirations


The Encaustic Minimalist
Making Faces with Patti Culea
In Motion


Geringsing Double Ikat
Batik of Java: A Visual Journey


Image of 3 DVD Set from Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes with Claire Benn
Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes
Silk Painting for Fine Artists
silk painting for wearable art with natasha foucault dvd cover art image
Silk Painting for Wearable Art
Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw


Arashi 2: New Patterns & Possibilities
Kakishibu Persimmon Tannin

2019 - 2020

Cloth Doll Mermaids
Voicing the Guitar 10th Anniversary
Natural Dye Workshop IV with Michel Garcia