We hope that your experience with Galli Creative is 100% satisfying and you are enjoying your purchase(s).  In the event you have some questions or want to improve your experience with us, please begin by watching the video below. Then if you have specific questions, check our DVD and Digital Editions Troubleshooting guides.  Finally if all else fails please contact your place of purchase (either Galli Creative or your reseller) for options you may have which include repair, replacement or substitution of a digital edition or DVD.

DVDs - Troubleshooting Playback Issues

All of our DVDs are set to Region Code 0 — or worldwide play. If you are experiencing any problem playing the DVD, please do the following:

  1. Inspect the DVD for chips, deep scratches or cracks. If any are present, do not attempt to play the DVD, but instead contact your dealer for options you may have regarding replacement.

  2. Make sure the shiny or mirror side of the DVD is playable — free of debris, dust, fingerprints, oil and so on.

  3. First blow on the DVD with compressed canned air or strongly with a dry blow from your mouth to try and dislodge as much as possible from the disc surface.

  4. Next brush the disc with a feather duster or soft cloth in a circular motion to gently remove debris without scratching the DVD surface.

  5. Finally place several drops of clean water (never alcohol or any chemicals) on the surface and gently wipe in a circular motion with a clean tissue until the shine is restored. 

  6. Attempt playback at this time.

  7. If the disc looks clean and unscratched, try playing the DVD on a different DVD player to make sure the problem is related to the disc and not the player itself.

  8. If you are still having problems, please contact us or the dealer who sold the DVD to you for instructions on replacement or repair.

Digital Editions - Troubleshooting

Most of the problems we observe with digital editions is during the download of the files themselves.  Please observe the following checks to ensure you are able to download and store the file on your hard drive or portable device.
  1. You will need a strong internet signal to download the files.  We recommend trying to download during non-peak hours — either the early morning or early evening.
  2. For best downloads, close all other windows and browsers on your computer and do not attempt to download more than one (1) file at a time.
  3. Do not hit the download button more than once — it will not improve the speed and may cause download problems.
  4. Make sure you are able to download the files to your device and that you do not use up all of your bandwidth.  Begin by inspecting your download speed using an internet speed test such as: Google Speet Test  |  |  Ookla Speedtest  

  5. Apple Devices such as iPads™ do not allow for direct downloads and will play back the content instead.  We recommend first downloading the purchase to a Windows or Apple computer, and then transfering the files to your iPad device using the charge cable and the iTunes™ software installed on your computer (Apple) or available for download (Windows PC).