Stitch! at Galli Creative

Stitch! at Galli Creative

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Hand felted and stitched seascape rocks by Jean Littlejohn
One of the oldest forms of crafts created is stitch. It began with a bone needle and a strip of hide sewn thru animal skins to offer protection from the environment. Later on plants were used and weaving techniques were employed to make fishing nets, clothing, quilts, carrying bags and more. Over the centuries stitch evolved into specific crafts — fine sewing, crochet, needlework, embroidery, and stitch as a form of resist on cloth as we find with Shibori (tie dye). Today Stitch is a term that means “all of the above” — everything from stitching for surface design to ultra fine embroidery work.
Free motion Embroidery on Soluble fabric by Jan Beaney

Stitch is a wonderful form of resist, and in Japan, we find some of the most interesting multidimensional and flat fabrics available for surface design and wearable art.

In addition to Ana Lisa Hedstrom who teaches stitched shibori, Galli Creative is proud to offer some of the finest stitch workshops available.  Please have a look at the workshops from Jan Beaney, Jean Littlejohn, Alison Holt, Patti Medaris Culea and as well communities of craftspeople such as the Shibori artists of Arimatsu and Narumi in Japan.

Artists in the series not only employ a variety of skilled stitch methods in these workshops, but often employ some advanced mixed media approaches as well such as silk painted backgrounds, beading, soluble fabrics and discharge methods.

stitch resist analisa hedstrom shibori
Discharged dye with stitch resisted fabrics by Ana Lisa Hedstrom.
Simple stitches in fabric, whether created by hand or by machine, resist dyed, or discharged after dyeing. Cut up fabrics, manipulated with multi-dimensionality effects. The look over the shoulder by the model says it all.

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