Cloth Doll Mermaids • Patti Medaris Culea

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Patti Culea is back again and this time she is taking us on a voyage to the deep blue sea!  Cloth Doll Mermaids is downloadable digital workshop available from Patti this June featuring all of her signature teaching techniques as well as many new ideas to get the most out of your mermaid. Here's a brief list of what's included:

  • Introduction / Things you will Need
  • Making the Mermaid's Body
    - Laying out the Pattern
    - Sewing & Stuffing the Mermaid's Body
  • The Mermaid's Face: Draw, Sculpt & Color 
  •  Embellishing the Mermaid's Body
    - Coloring the Lacy Tailfin
    - Organza for Tail Flukes 
  • Adding Her Hair and Headpiece
  • Pulling her all Together 
  • Displaying your Mermaid / Making a Perch 
  • Conclusion / Where to go from here

Join us on this wonderful journey as we learn to make "Cloth Doll Mermaids" with Patti Medaris Culea.  Available June, 2019. Pre-Order Now and Save!

Digital Edition • Requires 3GB Storage Space to Download

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