Voluptuous Velvet • Jean Littlejohn

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Coloring, bonding and stitching velvet pile fabrics. Adding and removing color (discharge techniques) are discussed in detail with loads of illustrations.



Voluptuous Velvet featuring Jean Littlejohn

Velvet has always been viewed as a luxury fabric associated with richness and wealth. Often made from a number of natural and synthetic fibres, velvet it is enjoying a high profile with a huge range of fibres, colours and textures. It makes a statement, feels gorgeous and can be fashioned into wondrous garments and furnishings.

Be warned – working with velvet can become addictive. The lustrous array of colours and textures lure the unguarded into impulse buys which sit temptingly on a shelf waiting for just the right occasion.

The pincushions (see image) demonstrate the techniques highlighted in the book and include a range of dyeing methods, free bonding and appliqué with hand and machine stitching.

voluptuous velvet embroidery mixed media jean littlejohn 01
Velvet Pincushions by Jean Littlejohn
voluptuous velvet embroidery mixed media jean littlejohn 02

Stitching Velvet to Enrichen Fabrics

Velvet is a delight to handle and stitch. There are numerous ways of developing the velvet fabric so think carefully of the appropriate quality of surface or stitch to suit the purpose or idea.

The illustrations, instructions and methods offered in this book demonstrate some of the numerous possibilities of this lustrous fabric and will inspire you to experiment and experience at first hand the delights of voluptuous velvet.

A wonderful compliment to your embroidery, surface design, mixed media and hobby craft projects.

BOOK 2 by Jean Littlejohn

eBook + Flipbook Access / 28 pages full color illustrations.
First published by Double Trouble Enterprises 1997
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Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn • About the Series Authors

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Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn are internationally acclaimed textiles artists, authors and educators. For more than forty years the duo know as “Double Trouble Enterprises” has been challenging traditional notions of embroidery and stitch by working with soluble fabrics, mixed media, bonding, printing, embellishing and collage and extensive use of color development and journaling to great success. Founding members of the 62 Group of Textile Artists, featured instructors at Callaway Gardens School of Needle ArtsCity & Guilds (London), Fellows of the Society of Designer Craftsmen (UK)  and Presidents emeritus of the Embroiderers’ Guild (UK), Jan and Jean continue their work in inspiring stitch artists of all ages with print books, digital books, and a wide range of DVDs and streaming workshops.

Learn more about Jan and Jean in their interview with TextileArtist.org

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