Tray Dyeing • Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

Tray Dyeing is fast and easy with great results. Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn show all the steps from A to Z in this wonderful book + video tutorial.



Tray Dyeing is Fast, Easy and Fun!

Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn deliver precise and well thought out instructions for every step of the Tray Dyeing process – from the preliminaries of understanding color schemes and harmonies to choosing your fabrics and selecting your equipment, as well as specific formulas for mixing up your dye and chemical solutions. 

There are even recipes for using your leftover dyes!

Claire and Leslie have provided well-photographed examples of every part of the process, including fabric manipulation and dye application, coupled with detailed explanations of the role of every component you will be using, along with the ever so handy trouble shooting section.

Scrumple, Pack, Fold, Pucker -- there is no right or wrong way to Tray Dye!

The more you manipulate, the more you blend.  Massage a lot, or massage a little.  It’s all about experimenting and having fun with your trays.  You can start small with a cat litter tray and move onto larger trays for wall art and larger runs of fabric.  Tray Dyeing is one of the easiest ways of working with your dyes and the results are always different and always exciting!

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Tray Dyeing Scrumple & Tray Dyeing Packed Fabrics

This book makes a fantastic addition to any dyer’s library for creating those one of a kind pieces of fabric that can be used “…for quilts, stitched textiles, textile art, clothing, soft furnishings, interior designs, sculpture, accessories and even jewelry.”

Flipbook or Print Edition
8.25″ x 11.75″ – Color photos – 44 pages.
DVD (print edition only) Universal/Worldwide format.

Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan • About the Instructors

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Claire Benn is an artist who works in mixed media: textiles, raw earth pigments, natural dyes, acrylic paint and thread. Her work is abstract, reductive, contemporary, quiet and very tactile; apparently simple yet engaged with a complexity of ideas and practices. Visit Claire’s Website

Leslie Morgan describes herself as ‘an embroiderer who makes Quilts’. From her workshop and teaching studio in the UK Leslie continues the tradition of excellence in surface design education, instruction and creation. Visit Committed to Cloth