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Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan explore how to make the most of Thermofax Screens in textile surface design work, providing hundreds of images, dozens of techniques and recipes and hours of video tutorials and inspiration along the way.


A  wonderful workshop to add to your surface design repertoire. Here’s what’s included:

  • Developing imagery for the Thermofax screen
  • Tools and materials
  • Sourcing Thermofax Screens (some discount coupons offered here!) and the basics of making your own
  • Working with discharge paste, fabric paints and acrylics
  • Developing good technique with the Thermofax screen
  • 8 Colorful Projects to explore the variety of ways to use the Thermofax screen
  • An entire section devoted to Media and Recipes
  • Color mixing for very personal results in your work
  • 200 page eBOOK + 7 Video lessons

Do you need to buy a Thermofax machine to take the course?

Absolutely not. There are many people who offer pre-made designs and as well produce custom screens from your artwork for such a low cost it really isn’t necessary to buy and maintain a machine. Either way, the workshop explores both producing your own screens from scratch as well as developing personal imagery for your work.

Do I need to understand color mixing or how to prepare anything to begin?

Everything you need is covered in the workshop. Dye recipes as well as how to make everything from Chemical Water to Print Paste is reviewed both in the video and in the written portion.