The Encaustic Minimalist → Digital Edition (Downloads Immediately)

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Daniella Woolf is ‘the Encaustic Minimalist’ as she teaches how to do a lot more with considerably less. Less can mean using fewer materials, but can also mean creating a ‘container’ of limited items to explore in many different ways. A wonderful workshop full of new techniques, developing your work practice, and producing a masterful series of art.

As an artist, my studios speaks to the variety and complexity of materials and inspiration that I can draw upon. But what if I had to do more with less?

How do I choose what tools, materials, and inspiration to draw from to create more with less, and how would the results appear? This encaustic workshop and accompanying videos and suggested projects will provide the viewer with ideas on how to get started doing a lot more with considerably less. It is the ideal investment for an artist who desires to broaden their portfolio and create some wonderful art with a minimal investment of materials. — Daniella Woolf


  • 2.5 Hours of HD Video Tutorials
  • 100 page Workshop eBook
  • Updated links to wonderful websites and sources of supply