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Susan Purney Mark explores Soy Wax as a resist for batik, silk screening, shibori, mark making and many other imaginative ways. Includes lots of ideas on how to create print tables and charts, journals and explore soy wax in a variety of manners.


Take your soy wax to the next level when you order Soy Wax Inspirations with Susan Purney Mark.

In Part One we explore the variety of ways that you can use Soy Wax with dyes and a resists. Work along-side Susan as she produces a body of fabrics with soy wax, thickened dyes, pattern resists, shibori pole-wrapped and clamped resists, sun printing, and discharging with a soy wax resist. Chapters include:

  • Using the Workshop PDFs
  • Soy Wax Dyes & Equipment / Getting Started
  • Journaling and Color Charts
  • Layering Wax & Dye with Value Gradations
  • Using Thickened Dyes with Screen Printing
  • Pattern Resist, Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
  • Layered Stitch Resist with Wonderful Results
  • Sun Printing & Discharging with a Wax Resist
  • Summary of Part One: Inspirational Fabrics
  • Creating A Dialog with Soy Wax
  • Artist Showcase

For Part Two we use the fabrics we developed in Part One, and working with the expanded eBOOK, we move beyond adding greater depth and complexity with the addition of dye, stitch, embellishment, discharge, silk screening and more.

Join Susan Purney Mark in this wonderful Soy Wax Workshop.

2.5 Hours Video Instruction • English Language