Making your Mark – Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan

Creating cloth for imagery, stitch, embroidery & embellishment.

Making your Mark with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan is 56 Full color illustrated pages of recipes, tips, and image inspirations plus 2 hours of detailed video demonstrations to help you get comfortable making marks with a variety of tools.



Doodle, Scribble, Roll and just have fun!

Making your Mark is a 2-hour video + 56 full color illustrated step by step introduction to making marks by hand in your surface design projects. Whether you are preparing a fabric for quilting, wearables, as a background for stitch projects or just to have some fun, follow along as Claire and Leslie explore “Making your Mark” in this digital edition of their popular book + DVD workshop.

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2 Hours, English Language • 54 Pages • 8 Videos + 2 PDFs

Making Your Mark 14

Mark Making Ideas

Making Your Mark 19

Monoprinting Techniques

Making Your Mark 17

Dye Brushing on Fabric

Making Your Mark 16

Rolling Dye

'Making your Mark' is Mark Making Ideas, Examples and Fabric Surface Design Techniques

This creative eBook + Video Workshop from Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan explores the magic of using ‘everyday’ tools such as scrapers, rollers, squeeze bottles etc. to create individual, personal marks on cloth or paper. It is the seventh title in C2C’s practical ‘how-to’ series. With practice and imagination these tools are capable of producing imagery and marks that come from a very direct sense of the maker’s hand.  

Let’s face it, the motivation to explore surface design usually comes from a desire to move away from using commercially produced fabric. Using the approaches described in this book will enable people to create very personal work; perfect backgrounds for additional imagery, stitch or embroidery – or ready to use for collage or piecing, or for garment and interiors yardage. The 52 pages contain clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by over 100 instructional and inspiring color images. Recipes for different media such as thickened dyes and discharge paste are included along with guidance on fabric paints and the use of resists. Leslie and Claire also cover how to change the value and consistency of the different media to suit the tool being used. The bonus video lessons provide 2 hours of ‘show and tell’ on using different tools. It’s the longest video tutorial to accompany any of the C2C books — a valuable asset as it’s just like being on a workshop with Claire & Leslie.

Each video segment has been digitally improved with remastered color and clarity. All can now be zoomed in using the flip book reading tool. Download the book PDF and print out the pages you want for use in your wet studio workbench. Making your Mark is a wonderful addition to the surface design workshops available from Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan.

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Dye Spraying

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Doodling, Scribbling, Writing

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Painting with Thickened Dyes

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DIY Mark Making Tools

Mark Making with Dyes for Originality, Hand-made Fabric Design

We do love our silk screens and thermofax screens for offering wonderful imagery transferred to our cloth. But sometimes you don’t want to repeat the same imagery over and over again on your fabric or you are looking for something a bit more abstract. And it’s on those occasions that having knowledge and skill in mark making comes in handy.

The desire to make your own marks is born in the wish to create your own fabrics that do not look ‘machine-made’.  Using the approaches offered in this book + video workshop  will enable you to create beautiful personal cloth — perfect backgrounds for additional imagery, stitch or embroidery — or ready to use as wearable/garment yardage or for home/office furnishing.  Rummage through those lower kitchen drawers, head out to the garage for a scavenger hunt for new tools or head to the hardware shop for some paint rollers, odd bolts, or other interesting implements that may become the basis of a new body of work.

Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan • About the Instructors

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Claire Benn is an artist who works in mixed media: textiles, raw earth pigments, natural dyes, acrylic paint and thread. Her work is abstract, reductive, contemporary, quiet and very tactile; apparently simple yet engaged with a complexity of ideas and practices. Visit Claire’s Website

Leslie Morgan describes herself as ‘an embroiderer who makes Quilts’. From her workshop and teaching studio in the UK Leslie continues the tradition of excellence in surface design education, instruction and creation. Visit Committed to Cloth