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Basic Folds • Variations & Inventions • Silk Scouring • Carved Clamps

In Itajime Shibori  Ana Lisa Hedstrom continues her explorations in Japanese textile methods. From the very basics of folding and clamping through more advanced techniques, Ana Lisa shows how to achieve traditional and contemporary results using a variety of tools and methods.


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Explore Itajime Shibori with Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Itajime folding and clamping is one of the easiest and direct shibori techniques. Deceptively simple, the process invites inventive play to make bold graphic designs which are perfect for fashion, quilts, and art textiles.

Ana Lisa starts from the traditional Japanese techniques of
Itajime, also called Sekka (snowflake). She expands the possibilities with instruction of carved clamps, silk scouring, and playing with different folds and shaped blocks.

These techniques are great for both beginners and experienced dyers.

Itajame Shibori with Ana Lisa Hedstrom is...

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 01

Itajime Square Folds

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 02

Six-pointed Itajime Star

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 03

Eight-pointed Itajime Star

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 04

Twelve-pointed Itajime Star

Our workshop begins with simple Itajime Square Folds and moves on to Traditional Japanese Sekka (snowflake and star pattern) which is created on 14” width cotton Kimono cloth. 4-6 layers of accordion folds are ironed into long lengths of fabric. Fabric is folded back and forth into a small bundle that will be clamped with wooden blocks cut into square, rectangular, or triangular shapes. These bundles and the blocks can be placed perpendicular or diagonally across the bundle.

Ana Lisa provides instruction on 4, 6, 8, and 12 star patterns, and shares multiple ways to modify these basic geometric designs to create more complex Itajime patterns. 

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 07

Itajime with Procion MX Dye

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 05

Itajime Quilting Squares

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 08

Itajime Silk Scoured Resists

Itajime Shibori Ana Lisa Hedstrom 09

Kyoketchi and Chinese Carved Clamps

Today we love the bold contemporary patterns of Itajime….perfect for modular quilts, home decoration, wall hangings and wearable art. Small square fabrics are wonderful when used as Quilting Squares. Different weaves ( sheer or heavy) and fibers (silk, wool, cotton, linen) invite for different dye applications and treatments. Ana Lisa uses Itajime folding on silk organza before resist scouring to remove the stiff sericin on the exposed cloth. Wonderful bold areas of opaque and sheer areas are created. This can be enhanced by dyeing, and is particularly effective with the application of thickened fiber reactive dye (Procion MX Dye). The dye will be deeper and a different hue on the areas with sericin that were resisted by the blocks.

Another exciting possibility is found in the Japanese and Chinese traditions of Kyokechi and Chinese Carved Clamps (Jiaxie). The boards are carved with matching designs, often pictorial images of flowers, figures, and birds. The dye flows into the carved maze. Ana Lisa shows traditional examples and shares contemporary alternatives, especially using CNC routers (Computer numerically controlled) to make precisely carved channels which will match on both blocks.

Itajime Shibrori Workshop Overview

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This online edition includes a Workshop Chapter List, Resources Guide, and a Workshop Overview to guide you through your learning journey.

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Ana Lisa Hedstrom Artist Portrait

Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Textile Artist • About the Instructor

Ana Lisa has been dyeing fabric for art wear, quilts and art textiles for over 40 years and still finds inspiration in the endless possibilities of shibori dyeing. Her signature shibori textiles are included in the museum collections of the Cooper Hewett Smithsonian Design Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the de Young (San Francisco) and Racine Art Museum. She has received public art commissions for the City of Emeryville, California, and the American Embassy, Brunei.

Ana Lisa  is a frequent instructor at art schools and international conferences including San Francisco State University and California College of Arts.  Ana Lisa has received two 
NEA grants and is a fellow of the American Craft Council.

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