Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw • Beaney & Littlejohn

In this 5+ hour workshop from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, we learn to look — becoming aware of what attracts us, record — collecting ideas for later development, and finally draw — developing what we saw and recorded into finished drawings and illustrations. We explore many techniques including drawing, painting, collage and making marks. As Jan and Jean love to say — “the more you look, the more you see”.

325 Minutes • English Language



Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw • Video Preview

In their latest video workshop, “Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw”, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn demystify the challenges of choosing materials: Which paper? Pencils? Paint? Glue? What other media should I use? They show you how to mix and use colors. 


As ever, their style is gentle, fun, and full of inspiration and guidance. An ideal workshop for those nervous about drawing and recording and for those who want help in seeing and then designing in all sorts of art forms. Everything from mixed media to perspective and location drawing to collage are covered in this fun and inspiring workshop. Several exercises are suggested to grow your skills, encourage you to experiment and expand your thinking, developing your personal pathways.

What's Included in the HD Video Workshop:

Making Marks with Pencils & More

Interpretations Jan Jean Workshop 1
Work with pencils of various thickness and hardness to achieve detailed perspectives and abstract patterns. From 3D perspectives to studies in nature, the fundamentals of drawing and illustration are covered by Jan and Jean.

Sketchbooks, Journals and Inspiration

Image of sketchbooks - from Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw
Sketchbooks provide the opportunity to explore pattern, design and color both of our man-made environment and the natural world. Follow along as Jan and Jean refer to their collection of sketchbooks to illustrate a variety of ideas and perspectives.

Understanding Color Theory

Image of shells and colored background - color theory - from Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw
From the basics of color theory to developed tonal palettes, Jan and Jean explore understanding color in several demonstrations including pastels, crayons, oils, watercolors and more.

Exploring Pattern & Collage

Interpretations Jan Jean Workshop 4

Keep those old magazines because we are going to tear them up and create paper art in this section exploring pattern and collage.  Selecting colors from print and shaping them to suit our new design.

On Location with Jan & Jean

Image of Jan Beaney drawing cityscapes in sketchbooks on location from "Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw"

Jan and Jean love to work on location and in this section we explore heading outdoors for inspiration as well as working on location while on holiday.  Travel kit essentials, papers and tips and tricks are covered in this section on how to work on location.

Developing Ideas: Jan and Jean

Image of Jean Littlejohn developing ideas from "Interpretations: Look, Record, Draw"

Now that we have explored the body of materials, methods and techniques available to us as artists, let’s have a look at developing ideas for creating a body of work.  Drawing inspiration from current projects underway, Jan and Jean discuss the source of inspiration, tools, materials and methods used, and final outcome of their work.

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Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn have more than 30 years teaching experience to a global audience of stitch and mixed media enthusiasts.  Together they are known as Double Trouble Enterprises. 325 Minutes • HD Video Files • PDF Chapter List

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn • About the Authors

Jan Beaney Jean Littlejohn Bw

Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn are internationally acclaimed textiles artists, authors and educators. For more than forty years the duo know as “Double Trouble Enterprises” has been challenging traditional notions of embroidery and stitch by working with soluble fabrics, mixed media, bonding, printing, embellishing and collage and extensive use of color development and journaling to great success. Founding members of the 62 Group of Textile Artists, featured instructors at Callaway Gardens School of Needle ArtsCity & Guilds (London), Fellows of the Society of Designer Craftsmen (UK)  and Presidents emeritus of the Embroiderers’ Guild (UK), Jan and Jean continue their work in inspiring stitch artists of all ages with print books, digital books, and a wide range of DVDs and streaming workshops.

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