Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes with Claire Benn

Fiber Reactive Dyes are a great resource for producing results that are colorfast and very washable. With a basic understanding of how things work, you will begin to see better results in your projects. For beginners who want to achieve great results from using fiber reactive dyes with both cloth (natural fibers) and other natural raw materials such as paper, reeds, caning (or even wood) as well as experienced fiber artists who want to improve their practice when working with fiber reactive dyes.



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Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes: Study Book

The 100-page spiral bound Study Book written by instructor Claire Benn is the perfect companion to the "Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes" workshop available on DVD or digital edition. It contains all of the recipes, formulas, tips and tricks Claire highlights in the video workshop.

Course Overview: Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes with Claire Benn

One of the most comprehensive workshops on working with fiber reactive (Procion MX) dyes available. 

Comprehensive and chock full of tips and tricks to get the results you are after.  Claire explores the materials you will be working with in a variety of workshops designed to demystify the processes and materials used to achieve the best results. Silk screening, gradations, color charts, mark making, and both bucket, table and washing machine dye methods are covered.

Download Edition

3.7 GB Storage Space required for Full Download 7 Hours, English Language • 17 Videos + 4 PDFs - Includes Streaming!

DVD Version

3-Disc DVD Set - 7 Hours, English Language • Worldwide Play - All Regions - Includes Streaming!

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 01

Prepared for Dyeing (PFD)

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 03

Fiber Reactive Dyeing

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 04

Tray Dyeing for Texture

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 02

Low Water Immersion Dyeing

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 05

Dyeing a Serial Gradation

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 06

Thickened Dye Paints

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 07

Procion MX Color Mixing

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes With Claire Benn 09

Complex Colors and Neutrals

Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes with Claire Benn is...

Fabrics, Dyes & Ingredients for Smooth & Textured Finishes

  • Workshop Introduction
  • Cloth & Preparation for Dyeing
  • Ingredients for Fiber Reactive Dyeing
  • Bucket Dyeing: Low / High Water Immersion Dyeing
  • Tray Dyeing for Texture
  • Dyeing a Serial Gradation
  • Dyeing in the Washing Machine & Over-dyeing
  • Benchwork Basics
  • Making Liquid and Thickened dye Paints

Explore Surface Design Techniques and Color, Neutrals & Shades

  • Black Dye on White Fabric
  • Screen Printing
  • Scraping
  • Dry Brush Technique
  • Mark Making
  • Color Exploration
  • Color Mixing
  • Secondary & Complex Colors
  • Black, Neutrals & Shades of Gray

Bonus Class Materials: Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes eBook, Bench Guides, Color Charts and Chapter List

Download and print out these wonderful bonus materials from Claire Benn!  Beginning with a 100+page Study eBook that is chock full of recipes (no need to take notes!) Claire has provided all of the study resources you will require when working in your studio.  Print out and laminate the Bench Guides for use in a wet dye studio, explore the Procion MX Color Chart with cross references for major dye suppliers, and be sure to refer to the Chapter List when using the downloadable video files and online streaming edition.

01 Explor Fib Dyes Bench Guides
Exp Dyes Benn 12

Claire Benn, Textile / Quilting Artist • About the Instructor

In 2001 Claire Benn teamed up with Leslie Morgan to form ‘Committed to Cloth’ which became one of the foremost textile teaching practices in the U.K., with seven great books published during the partnership. In 2014 Claire went solo in order to focus more on her own work which now explores texture, stitch, and the interconnection of her travels and writing.

Working with students in a community of like-minded people is a continued joy as teaching provides such a positive feedback loop; everyone learns. Her focus as a tutor is to enable; she presents clear demonstrations and instruction, believes in straight-talking, offers guidance, pulling and encouragement.

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