The Encaustic Minimalist • Daniella Woolf


Daniella Woolf is ‘the Encaustic Minimalist’ as she teaches how to do a lot more with considerably less. Less can mean using fewer materials, but can also mean creating a ‘container’ of limited items to explore in many different ways. A wonderful workshop full of new techniques, developing your work practice, and producing a masterful series of art.

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As an artist, my studios speaks to the variety and complexity of materials and inspiration that I can draw upon. But what if I had to do more with less?

How do I choose what tools, materials, and inspiration to draw from to create more with less, and how would the results appear? 


  • 2.5 Hours of HD Video Tutorials
  • 100 page Workshop eBook
  • Updated links to wonderful websites and sources of supply

This encaustic workshop and accompanying videos and suggested projects will provide the viewer with ideas on how to get started doing a lot more with considerably less. It is the ideal investment for an artist who desires to broaden their portfolio and create some wonderful art with a minimal investment of materials. — Daniella Woolf

Daniella Woolf is the author of several books on Encaustic as well as our couse instructor for several wonderful workshops. 

A talented mixed media artist, she works on many texile and paper products and produces a range of stencils available from Stencil Girl Products.

Her teaching has inspired a new generation of encaustic artists including Bethany Handfeld whose work is highlighted in this feature article (image right).