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Work with Purple and Yellow pigments, paints, fabrics, dyes and thread to demonstrate fresh ideas on how to use and incorporate color in your own work.



Color Seduces Us

We are surrounded by color. Color is dependent on light. Without light there is no color. So what happens to the purple carpet when the light goes out? Is it still purple?

Yellow is one of the three primary colors (the others being blue and red). Purple or violet is a secondary color and formed by mixing the two adjacent primary colors (blue and red). This needs really accurate mixing, a clean brush and water and pure color paint to achieve a really good color.

Color is extracted from many substances around us that yield pigments. Pigments are pure colors in powder form and they must be suspended in a medium such as oil in which they are insoluble to make them viable. Better quality materials will usually contain more concentrated pigments and therefore produce greater intensity of color.

Dyes on the other hand are soluble compounds dissolved in a liquid. They flood beautifully on paper and form the base of other media used in some of the samples illustrated.

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Yellow and Purple.

In this book we are looking at yellow and purple (violet) separately although it is impossible to isolate them completely as colors are usually found with, and influenced by, others that surround them. They are opposite each other on the color wheel and therefore complementary. When used together, complementary colors offer the opportunity for dynamic contrasts and exciting visual effects.

We are lucky to have access to a huge range of coloring media from which to select and in this book we have used a wide variety of materials as they have very different properties.

There are of course the tried and tested favorites but the use of new media will often encourage a fresh approach and are well worth trying.

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