Cloth Doll Mermaids • Patti Medaris Culea

Cloth Doll Mermaids is a 2+hour workshop + bonus doll pattern from Patti Medaris Culea featuring all of her signature techniques as well as many new ideas to create fabulous cloth doll mermaids — and wonderful starfish perches and pin cushions.


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Here's what's included in Patti's Cloth Doll Mermaid Workshop:

Join us on this wonderful journey as we learn to make “Cloth Doll Mermaids” with Patti Medaris Culea.

Patti Culea is back again and this time she is taking us on a voyage to the deep blue sea!  One of Patti’s most requested doll patterns and workshops! 

A great project for expanding your creativity as a doll maker. 

Part One: Making the Cloth Doll Mermaid

Mermaid Cloth Doll Pattern

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 01

Choosing Fabrics & Materials

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 10

The Cloth Doll Mermaid Body

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 02

Stamping and Stenciling Fabrics

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 03

In the first part of Cloth Doll Mermaids, Patti reviews the included pattern and notes.  She begins with an Introduction to the workshop and reviews all of the things you will need.  Patti recommends using batik cotton fabrics in the workshop and provides a lot of information on special sewing tips and tricks to get your mermaid “see-worthy”.  Patti demonstrates how to sew the doll body, make the hands and arms, and how to draw, color and accent the doll’s face.  Extra attention is given to the cloth doll mermaid body which must be weighted down so the mermaid can sit (she has no legs at sea!).  Additional instruction is offered on stamping and stenciling the mermaid torso and tail to add fishlike scales in lustrous colors.  Patti demonstrates how to embellish the mermaid’s body, how to stamp and embroider tattoos on her arms and sea vines on her body, and how to add beaded accents. Patti excels in moving through each step with wonderful video close-ups and lots of support (including added tips and information in the enclosed eBook).

Part Two: Finishing the Mermaid and Making her Starfish Perch

Embellishing the Mermaid Body

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 04

Adding Hair & Headpiece

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 05

Sewing a Starfish Perch

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 07

Finising your Mermaid Cloth Doll

Cloth Doll Mermaids Patti Medaris Culea Image 09

Once we have sewn the basic parts of our cloth doll mermaid and stamped and painted our tail and fin fabrics, it’s time to pull the cloth doll mermaid together.  We add beading and embroidery stitching to our mermaid arms and body and working with dyed organza we make our wrist cuffs, tail flukes and headpiece.  Part of pulling the mermaid together is creating a starfish perch which is complimented by dyed felted fabrics and beading.  Lastly as a bonus project, Patti includes a pattern for a starfish pincushion which is not only a lovely accent but a useful tool in your doll making studio.  More than two hours of HD video including a history of mermaids and folk tales and 4 PDFs including the extensive doll pattern make this one of Patti Medaris Culea’s finest doll making workshops so far.  

  • 19 HD Videos + 4 PDFs including Doll Pattern
  • English Language
  • 150 mins.
  • DVD & Digital Edition (both include unlimited online streaming)



About our Instructor: Patti Medaris Culea

Image of Patti Medaris Culea drawing a doll face

For more than 40 years Patti Medaris Culea has been teaching cloth doll making, drawing, gift creation and more.  She is the author of 7 books on cloth doll making, beading and making doll clothes, and has more than 100 doll patterns available with dealers worldwide.  She is the author of Cloth Doll Couture, Cloth Doll Beading, and the artist for our titles Cloth Doll Making, Cloth Doll Inspirations which are available from Galli Creative as well.  Patti currently resides in South Texas near her grandkids, and has asked to come back for another doll making project soon!