Cloth Doll Making with Patti Culea

Patti Medaris Culea explores and shares the world of Cloth Doll Making in this exciting workshop from Studio Galli Productions. Order the DVD or download the workshop today.


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Cloth Doll Making Workshop - Preview

The Fundamentals of Cloth Doll Making

Join us as we explore Cloth Doll Making with Patti Medaris Culea! With more than 4 hours of video instruction + bonus doll pattern this digital edition of our popular DVD is sure to keep you busy for hours!


Download Bonus PDF of Images + Materials List!

Here's what's included in the workshop:

Drawing and Sculpting Doll Faces

Image of Cloth Doll Face from Cloth Doll Making

From the very basics of drawing cloth doll faces to sculpting doll heads, Patti covers everything you will need to know and demonstrates the process of making cloth doll faces and heads step by step.

Making Doll Heads, Bodies & Hands

Cloth Doll Making 03

Patti takes the often challenging process of making doll heads, bodies and hands and turns it into a fun and easy project.  Follow along with the enclosed pattern + instructions as you learn to stitch the body, make doll heads, hands and bodices and more.

Sewing and Stuffing Doll Bodies

Cloth Doll Making 04

Grab your Polyfil™ bag and your forceps — we are going to stuff that doll!  Sewing and stuffing doll bodies is simple once you see it demonstrated and we have lots of close-ups of Patti at work to get you started.

Dressing & Embellishing Doll Bodies

Cloth Doll Making 02

One of the most interesting ways of dressing your cloth doll is by creating clothing that is part of the doll’s body.  Patti develops some embellished fabrics and then sews them into arms and a bodice (torso) before attaching the upper bust and legs.  Loads of examples of finished cloth dolls included.

Finishing & Presenting Cloth Dolls

Cloth Doll Making 07

One of the most rewarding things you can do is finish and present your cloth doll.  Patti provides a lot of insight and as well galleries of dolls by her students that were sent to her to show during the workshop.  Whether your finished cloth doll is seated, perched or standing, you will find some inspiration here.

Doll Pattern & Instructions Included

Cloth Doll Making 06

Cloth Doll Making with Patti Medaris Culea includes a bonus doll pattern and instructions on how to create a doll like Patti has made in the workshop.  Download and print the “Ilmaria: Guardian of the Stars” cloth doll pattern, grab some colored and batik fabrics, and get ready to sew!

Cloth Doll Making: Demonstration List

  • Drawing Doll’s Faces
  • Sewing Flat and Dimensional Doll Heads
  • Working with Colored Pencils and Shiva Paintstiks™
  • Making (Sewing, turning and Stuffing) Doll hands
  • Learning Cloth Doll Body Basics
  • Creating cloth doll heads, bodies, hands and feet
  • Wire Armatures for Arms and Legs
  • Body Contours and Highlights
  • Body Contours and Highlights
  • Choosing and Sewing on Hair and Wigs
  • Ideas from Friends (Gallery Showing)
  • Direct Dyeing the Body and Flesh Tones
  • Painted Shoes, Laces and Trims
  • Creating an Embellished Bodice and Arms
  • Pulling it All Together
  • Adding Finishing Touches
  • Image of Patti Medaris Culea drawing a doll face

    Patti Medaris Culea, Cloth Doll Artist • About the Instructor

    Patti Medaris Culea is a master art cloth doll creator. With more than 12 books in print and 5 video projects with Galli Creative, she has inspired thousands of doll creators from Australia to the Czech Republic. Patti continues to teach and produce videos for Galli Creative.   Her doll patterns continue to delight and inspire cloth doll makers of all skill levels.

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