Cloth Doll Inspirations with Patti Medaris Culea

In Cloth Doll Inspirations, Patti Medaris Culea provides a variety of creative ideas for cloth doll makers. Working one doll body 3 different ways, Patti explores a variety of methods and processes for creating dolls that are unique as their creators.


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Cloth Doll Inspirations - Workshop Preview

Go Beyond Cloth Doll Making!

If you have already purchased Cloth Doll Making, then you are ready for Cloth Doll Inspirations! In fact you can us the pattern from Cloth Doll Making (supplied again for ease of use) and develop clothing and more advanced embellishments in this workshop. Having completed Cloth Doll Making is a great way to prepare for Cloth Doll Inspirations!

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2 Hours, English Language • 19 Videos + 2 PDFs

Cloth Doll Inspirations with Patti Medaris Culea is...

Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 07
Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 01

Doll Face Painting Step-by-Step

Each of Patti’s learning DVDs and video workshops demonstrate a new way to paint a doll’s face using different materials each time.

In Cloth Doll Inspirations Patti works with Watercolors and Marker Pens to demonstrate new ways to color and highlight your cloth doll face, bust and other body parts.

Using her classic drawing techniques, Patti demonstrates how to lay out and sculpt cloth doll faces before moving on to give them personality.  Special attention is paid to ethnic doll faces highlighting the differences in drawing and coloring required.

Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 03
Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 05

Custom Doll Clothing - Draping Cloth Dolls and Dressing Dolls

Patti loves making doll patterns and many are available pre-made from distributors.

But why not make doll clothing custom for your doll?  

In this workshop Patti shows how to use paper towels and tissue paper to custom draw and drape clothing which is custom fit to your doll and sews the finished clothing.  An unusual and often overlooked approach to doll making workshops, well demonstrated in Cloth Doll Inspirations.

Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 04
Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 06

Ethnic/Mutlicultural Dolls & Vintage Cloth Dolls

Patti Culea has been making ethnic and mutlicultural dolls for more than twenty years.  Her books illustrate the wide variety of ways you can customize cloth art dolls to emphasize cultural values and norms and our workshop explores a variety of ethnic and multicultural dolls in demonstration and gallery examples.

From Li Mei, our Asian Inspired Doll to Victorian Era clothing to a more contemporary outfit for our French/Provençal themed doll, Patti discusses how to take one pattern and rework it in as many ways as your imagination can…imagine!

Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 08
Cloth Doll Inspirations With Patti Medaris Culea 09

Cloth Doll Accessories

Patti takes the often challenging process of making doll heads, bodies and hands and turns it into a fun and easy project.  Follow along with the enclosed pattern + instructions as you learn to stitch the body, make doll heads, hands and bodices and more.

Buckled Shoes, Embellished Corsets, Faerie Wings, Hats and custom beaded Hat Pins — there is really no limit to how you can accessorize your cloth doll and Patti demonstrates several ways to finish your doll — including working with parts of her wedding dress, laces from her grandmother, and vintage pins and beads she found while rummaging in charity shops and at trade shows.  Loads of finished examples from friends of Patti are included for each section of the workshop.

More than 5 hours of Cloth Art Doll Tutorials, including...

  • Direct Draping & Drafting of Fabrics / Lacey Undergarments
  • Ribbon Roses & Crystal Flowers • Silk & Craft Foam Hats, Fancy Purses & Crazy Patch Pouches
  • Water Color and Marker Pen Faces
  • Dispersed Dyed Fabrics & Heat Transferred Digital Appliqués
  • Beaded Ball Joints & Stamp Tattoos
  • Embroidered Feather Stitches & Heat Set Crystal Accents
  • Layered Tulle Skirts with Crystal Accents
  • Vintage Buckled and High-Heeled Shoes
  • Lucet Braids and Fabric Tube Embellishments
  • Lotus Slippers, Obi Corsets and Organza Faerie Wings
  • Cdi Workshop Essentials

    Bonus Class PDFs: Workshop Essentials, Chapter List and Image Set

    Cloth Doll Inspirations includes a Chapter List to use when watching the video workshop.

    High-resolution Images of the three project dolls are included as well in an Image Set PDF that you can video online or download/print.

    Looking to order supplies?  Use the Workshop Essentials PDF to note the main materials you will need to complete each step of the project(s).

    Cdi Image Set

    Looking to make Fantasy / Faerie Cloth Dolls?

    Get a taste of more than 5 hours of video instruction with this included demonstration on "Faerie Wings from Stitched Organza"

    Image of Patti Medaris Culea drawing a doll face

    Patti Medaris Culea, Cloth Doll Artist • About the Instructor

    Patti Medaris Culea is a master art cloth doll creator. With more than 12 books in print and 5 video projects with Galli Creative, she has inspired thousands of doll creators from Australia to the Czech Republic. Patti continues to teach and produce videos for Galli Creative.   Her doll patterns continue to delight and inspire cloth doll makers of all skill levels.

    Visit Patti’s Website