Cloth Doll Inspirations → DVD (Ships same day)

In Cloth Doll Inspirations, Patti Medaris Culea provides a variety of creative ideas for cloth doll makers. Working one doll body 3 different ways, Patti explores a variety of methods and processes for creating dolls that are unique as their creators.


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Click the link below to download some high resolution images from the workshop + the List of Materials:

More than Five Hours of detailed instruction, including:

  • Direct Draping & Drafting of Fabrics / Lacey Undergarments
  • Ribbon Roses & Crystal Flowers • Silk & Craft Foam Hats, Fancy Purses & Crazy Patch Pouches
  • Water Color and Marker Pen Faces
  • Dispersed Dyed Fabrics & Heat Transferred Digital Appliqués
  • Beaded Ball Joints & Stamp Tattoos
  • Embroidered Feather Stitches & Heat Set Crystal Accents
  • Layered Tulle Skirts with Crystal Accents
  • Vintage Buckled and High-Heeled Shoes
  • Lucet Braids and Fabric Tube Embellishments
  • Lotus Slippers, Obi Corsets and Organza Faerie Wings

A companion workshop to ‘Cloth Doll Making’ and ‘Making Faces’

If you have already purchased Cloth Doll Making, then you are ready for Cloth Doll Inspirations! In fact you can us the pattern from Cloth Doll Making (supplied again for ease of use) and develop clothing and more advanced embellishments in this workshop. Having completed Cloth Doll Making is a great way to prepare for Cloth Doll Inspirations!

And the same goes for Making Faces, the signature workshop on learning to draw more advanced doll’s faces and really get into creating some wonderful smiles and features. In fact, all three workshops were designed to work well with each other!