Breakdown Printing • Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

Breakdown Printing by Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan provides instruction in how to use your Silk Screen with Fabric Dyes to achieve fun and remarkable results.



Use your Silk Screen on your Fabrics in a Free and Playful Way!

Breakdown Printing: New Dimensions for Texture and Colour is a beautifully illustrated manual + video demonstration by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan.  From the preparation of screens and fabrics to the use of multiple screens in the same piece, Breakdown Printing will provide you with all the skills needed to begin exploring this incredible design technique.

The new bonus DVD provides 80 minutes of demonstrations from Claire and Leslie, including how to make Chemical Water, Print Paste and thickened dye paint. The combination of the book plus DVD mean that this process is accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience level!

A4 (8.25″ x 11.75″), Soft Cover, Full Color, 32 pages. Includes 80 minute demonstratoin DVD.Published in Great Britain.  DVD by Studio Galli Productions.

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Breakdown Printing produces remakable fabrics for quilting and mixed media surface design projects.

What is Breakdown Printing?

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“Breakdown printing involves applying thick dye paints or print paste directly on to the back of the screen. This is left to dry and then printed off with more dye paint or print paste, or a combination thereof. This print ‘media’ (the dye) is gradually dissolving the dried-on dye on the screen – it’s breaking down and printing an ever-changing array of colours, marks, textures and distressed, organic and disintegrating effects.” — Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

Watch Breakdown Printing with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan on DVD and Online!

Your purchase includes instant access to the online demonstrations as well as the included DVD.  Here’s what’s included —

  • Introduction to Breakdown Printing
  • Getting Ready to Print
  • Preparing your Dye Paints
  • Preparing the Silk Screen – Making an Impression
  • Working with Drips and Runs
  • Printing Off Drips and Runs
  • Silk Screen Cleaning Up
  • Graphic Doodles with your Silk Screen
  • Batching, Setting & Processing your Fabrics

Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan • About the Instructors

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Claire Benn is an artist who works in mixed media: textiles, raw earth pigments, natural dyes, acrylic paint and thread. Her work is abstract, reductive, contemporary, quiet and very tactile; apparently simple yet engaged with a complexity of ideas and practices. Visit Claire’s Website

Leslie Morgan describes herself as ‘an embroiderer who makes Quilts’. From her workshop and teaching studio in the UK Leslie continues the tradition of excellence in surface design education, instruction and creation. Visit Committed to Cloth

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