Batik Workshop: Fun with Paper & Fabric • Rosi Robinson

Batik Workshop: Fun with Paper and Fabric is a wonderful introduction into batik wax as a resist on paper + fabric with the author of several books on batik, Rosi Robinson.  Ideally suited for beginners to the fascinating world of batik, with loads of possibilities for creative projects and hours of fun. Includes bonus eBook, Project Ideas and Workshop Notes.



Batik Workshop: Video Preview

What could be more fun that a workshop on batik?  How about two!  

Join Rosi Robinson as she explores the art of batik on paper and on fabric.  A wonderul workshop with something for all skill levels.  Rosi covers mark making, working with cantings (batik stylus), found objects, tape resists, spraying, speckling, crackle, sgraffiti and more.

By the time you have completed the paper workshop your skills and appreciation will have you ready to work on cotton and silk fabrics.  Rosi works with Proceon MX dyes on fabric and both dyes and watercolors on paper for a variety of gift items, surface design projects, and wearables.

  • 4 Hours of Video Tutorials
  • Several project ideas explored
  • 150+ page Batik Workshop eBook Included

Here's what's included in Rosi's Batik Workshop:

Part 1: Batik on Paper Workshop

Batik Wax & Melting Pots

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 04

Batik Paints & Fabric Dyes

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 03

Batik Specialty Papers

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 06

Batik Paper Project Ideas

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 02

In PART 1: Batik on Paper Workshop, Rosi starts out with a general overview of all of the materials and tools you will want to consider when making your own batik.  She explores batik wax and melting pots and discusses the variety of batik wax compositions available.  Rosi moves on to Batik paints and fabric dyes and offers up some suggestions on where and how they can be used with wax resist.  Rosi demonstrates how to mix Proceon MX (cold water) dyes which are ideal for batik wax because the will not melt or distort the wax when applied.  Once we have completed the review of materials, equipment, dyes and paints for batik, it’s time to have some fun!

Rosi teaches batik specialty papers in her community workshop in Sussex, England, and often the students are asked to go outside and look for things to transfer onto paper with wax.  Everything from simple crayons to batik wax are explored in this section which includes many batik paper project ideas including book covers, greeting cards, gift wrapping paper, and batik papers for illuminated items such as table and focus lamps.  In our workshop Rosi will invite you to do the same and explore wax image transfer as a part of your own work.  Rosi’s Batik on Paper workshop is a great way to get started and become familiar with batik wax, tools and wax resist before moving on too fabric.

Part 2: Batik on Fabric Workshop

Batik Wax on Fabric

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 11

Batik Wax on Silk

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 12

Batik on Cotton Projects

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 08

Painterly Batik

Batik Workshop Rosi Robinson 09

In Part 2: Batik on Fabric Workshop, Rosi opens with a stunning review of fabrics she has worked on with batik wax — everything from table runners to shawls and scarves are shown illustrating the variety of ways you can use batik wax and Proceon MX fiber reactive dyes in your projects. Batik on Silk and Batik on Cotton are explored both visually and in demonstrations as Rosi brushes, drips, flecks, and draws batik wax on silk and cotton fabrics for a variety of effects.  

Complex imagery is explored on silk and cotton fabrics in the many demonstrations included with the workshop. Colorful scarves and cotton shirts are worked with fiber reactive dyes both brushed on as well as dip dyed to show the variety of possibilities.  Color blending, gradation, and specialized techniques such as feathering and spattering are demonstrated, offering the viewer many new skills to apply to their work. Rosi completes the workshop by applying the methods she demonstrates to painterly batik, offering the learner a peek into the more than 40 years she has devoted as an artist and instructor to teaching and producing batik art.  More than 150 pages are devoted to offering ideas, materials, sources of supply, techniques and suggestions from Rosi in the included Project Ideas, Notes and eBook. 

012 004 Batik

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Image of Rosi Robinson during filming of Batik Workshop - Fun with Paper & Fabric, featuring Rosi Robinson

Rosi Robinson, Batik Artist, Author & Instructor

Rosi Robinson has been creating batik on paper and fabric for more than 40 years.  Her passion for batik has taken her to Indonesia and to conferences and exhibitions around the world where she has used traditional Indonesian methods, Russian methods and a variety of contemporary tools to draw, brush, stamp and spatter wax on fabric to outstanding effects.

Rosi is an established author of several books on batik from Search Press as well as our instructor for this wonderful workshop.