Batik Workshop: Fun with Paper & Fabric


Batik Workshop: Fun with Paper and Fabric is a wonderful introduction into batik wax as a resist on paper + fabric with the author of several books on batik, Rosi Robinson.  Ideally suited for beginners to the fascinating world of batik, with loads of possibilities for creative projects and hours of fun.


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Rosi begins with a wonderful overview of the history of Batik, and moves into learning how to use wax melting equipment, application methods and explores how to set up your studio.  She demonstrates wax resist on a variety of papers with everything from waxy crayons on rubbings to batik wax and dyes, igniting the possibilities of where the learner might go from one section to the next.

Complex imagery is explored on silk and cotton fabrics. Colorful scarves and cotton shirts are worked with fiber reactive dyes both brushed on as well as dip dyed to show the variety of possibilities.  Color blending, gradation, and specialized techniques such as feathering and spattering are demonstrated, offering the viewer many new skills to apply to their work.

  • 4 Hours of Video Tutorials
  • Lots of Project Ideas
  • 150+ Page Workshop eBook Included

Rosi Robinson has been creating batik on paper and fabric for more than 40 years.  Her passion for batik has taken her to Indonesia and to conferences and exhibitions around the world where she has used traditional Indonesian methods, Russian methods and a variety of contemporary tools to draw, brush, stamp and spatter wax on fabric to outstanding effects.

Rosi is an established author of several books on batik from Search Press as well as our instructor for this wonderful workshop.

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