In the Studio with Jean Littlejohn

In the Studio with Jean Littlejohn

Inspiration is all around us...even up above.

In this feature, Jean Littlejohn shows her sources of inspiration and the pieces of work that come from it.  Jean has a passion for the moon and has produced a wide variety of work based on its various phases.

jean littlejohn taeppas portal
Taplow Court (interior) image courtesy of "Trox" in the Creative Commons.

Jean’s work often entails collecting imagery from places she has visited. Victorian mansions offer inspiration for the wallpaper-like patterning and swirling patterns in Persian textiles we see in the long feathery stitches in her work. Moon-lit gardens provide scenery and perspective for the composition.

tappas portal jean littlejohn

One of the pieces in Jean’s moon series is ‘Taeppa’s Portal 2’, a piece inspired by the moon as it glows above the nearby gardens and courtyards of Taplow Court which is a Victorian mansion with roots going back to the 11th century.  Jean has memories of visiting there as a child; its garden, trees and Victorian wallpaper are some of the elements that became the basis for this work.

‘Taeppa’s Portal 2’ and the entire moon series demonstrates the gal’s mantra, ‘The More You Look, the More You See’. When practised it can reveal amazing colours, textures and patterns. Have a look at the video.  

“…a portal is kind of like a view into the past…and a lot of my work has to do with different layers.”
– Jean Littlejohn

The work is shown in her Gallery on the Double Trouble website and in the books ‘Just One More Thing’, ’Embellish & Enrich’, and their latest publication, ‘Reflections, Echoes and Aspirations’ which will give further thoughts and techniques.

Make the most of Spring by exploring your village or town for ideas and inspiration.  Carpets and wallpapers can take on new meaning in your work.  Other ideas for just looking can be found on Jan and Jean’s Instagram page, doubletroublejanjeanofficial.

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