Kakishibu 2022: Update from Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Kakishibu 2022: Update from Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Kakishibu Recipe Using Dry Powder

To our students, customers, and fans of Kakishibu!

My favorite  source for Kakishibu has retired.  This is a shame because the product was very good!  I have researched several liquid vendors as alternatives, but have found that the liquid kakishibu from other vendors does not store and keep as well (it turns to a useless jelly).

I am now recommending using dry powdered Kakishibu and recommend this approach to all textile artists.  It works very well with the process I have developed and provided in the learning videos.  Your success should be excellent.

The recipe is simple
Mix 25-30 grams of dry Kakishibu Power in 1 liter ( or quart) of water. 
Stir and let sit for at least two hours before use.
Store in a cool, dark location. 

As a personal note, I usually mix a smaller proportion for the project at hand, such as 10 grams to 1/2 liter or quart of water.

Sources of Supply

Vendors selling the dry powder include:



Vendors selling the liquid version include:



Please let us know if you find another source you can recommend for people not living in North America.  Thanks!

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