Soy Wax Inspirations - and Beyond!

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Soy Wax Inspirations -- updated for 2018 with an exciting eBOOK -- offers the opportunity to learn about soy wax resists and create fabrics as a source of inspiration. Susan Purney Mark is our instructor and the winner of the Canadian National Quilt awards. In this workshop she builds up a body of work with brushes, pole wrapping, stencils and much more -- all with soy wax as a resist.

Let's have a look at what's included:

In Part One, we will revisit the original video "Soy Wax Inspirations" for a series of tutorials on how to work with the Soy Wax and various resists. I add to the original video by offering up some suggested projects as well as images of work and other thoughts on how to proceed. Subjects included are:

  • Soy Wax Dyes & Equipment / Getting Started
  • Journaling and Color Charts
  • Layering Wax & Dye with Value Gradations
  • Using Thickened Dyes with Screen Printing
  • Pattern Resist, Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
  • Layered Stitch Resist with Wonderful Results
  • Sun Printing & Discharging with a Wax Resist
  • Conclusion: Inspirational Fabrics

Our goal in Part One is to develop the body of fabrics we will then use as a base for selecting our cloths for Part Two.

In Part Two we will choose a few of the fabrics from Part One for further work and development for two projects, each designed to help you move deeper into your explorations as a surface design artist. By freely using soy wax and various resists to develop a body of fabrics without intent, and subsequently to choose one or several of these fabrics for further development, our goal is to encourage furthering of your explorations of the techniques and processes involved.

And as a special bonus, we have added some inspirational work from four (4) world-class artists, each using Soy Wax resist in their own unique way. You will certainly bring your own unique style and practice to the workshop, and I encourage you to explore developing a body of work with ideas that emerge as you go.

Our goal as always is to further our understanding of color, form and design, while not limiting ourselves to finite results. Working in this way, you are certainly to enjoy not only the results of working with Soy Wax as a textile resist, but a sense of freedom on the journey as well.

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