Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy

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Take your silk painting to new levels with this wonderful online workshop from author and Silk Painting artist, Jill Kennedy.

Enhanced Version: Video Tutorials + Bonus 175-Page eBook (PDF)

A wonderful foundation workshop for those getting started with this wonderful textile craft, as well as a great primer for advanced artists looking to broaden their silk painting practice. This edition includes a 175-Page eBook with all of the same material as available in the online workshop. A great value!

Jill begins with the basics in this step-by-step workshop discussing all the tools and materials you need to set up. Whereas silk paints can be a little limited in what you can do with them, Jill explains how silk dyes offer even the beginner the opportunity to create one of a kind works of art that are sure to please. From there Jill explores a variety of techniques of working with silks, dyes, and other products which add and subtract color on the fabric.

2 PDF and 10 MP4