How to Create an Account at Galli Creative

How to Create an Account at Galli Creative

Please watch the video above to learn how we create an account at Galli Creative.(English subtitles are turned on by default.) Next, use the text instructions + images below the video to create your account step by step. 

Creat an Account - Step by Step Instructions


In this tutorial we are going to Create an Account at Galli Creative. First, you need to be on the website,  On the main page of the website, you will see a blue menu bar beneath the company logo.

Click on the menu item “Sign In / Join”.


You are now on the My Account page where you will see purchases, downloads, videos and online books available for viewing after purchase. For now we want to create the account.

Your choices are “Login” and “Register. We select “Register”.


Choose the email you want to associate with your Galli Creative account and input it here.

Now include a password. For your security and ours, we cannot accept weak passwords, so please consider using a combination of numbers, letters and symbols when creating your password.

Please remember to write down your password or save it to your device password storage.

By default you are subscribed to our newsletter. You can deselect this option, but for now consider leaving it as you will learn about new titles, features and interesting articles by subscribing to the newsletter.

Hit the button bar “Register”.


You should now be on the page which says “Welcome to your Account Dashboard”. On this page you will be able to see your Order History, Downloadable Items, View Flipbooks and Videos Online, Update your personal information and payment methods, and see your general account details. You will stay signed in to your account for 30 days unless you select SIGN OUT in the menu bar. By remaining signed in, you can access your purchased items very quickly from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.


Finally, please visit your Inbox. You should receive two emails from Galli Creative. The first is a record of your new account at Galli Creative.

The second is a greeting, thanking you for becoming a member of our learning community. At the bottom you will find some Quick Links to important resource pages. 

I encourage you to explore these pages now and after you have made a few purchases. The video demonstrations are particularly useful in maximizing your enjoyment of the platform.

Please view other tutorial videos in the Community Resources page for additional information on how to make the most of your viewing and downloading experience at Galli Creative.

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