Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes [Study Book]


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The 100-page spiral bound Study Book is the perfect companion to the "Exploring Fiber Reactive Dyes" workshop. It contains all of the recipes, formulas, tips and tricks Claire highlights in the video workshop. This pre-printed version with a clear cover, spiral binding and sturdy backing is ready for use with the workshop and your fiber reactive dye projects.  Concise and packed with information, it's useful on it's own! Includes 20 Recipe and Dye Chart Cards suitable for laminating or slip into clear sheet protectors for use in wet environments.

  • Key Umbrella Terms
  • Cloth and its Preparation
  • Fiber Reactive Dye Ingredients
  • Tray Dyeing for Texture
  • Bucket Basics / Dyeing a Serial Gradation
  • Immersion dyeing with a Washing Machine
  • Batching Overview
  • Benchwork Basics
  • Making Chemical Water & Print Paste
  • Fiber Reactive Dyes as Paints
  • Color Mixing Guidelines / Color Recipes
  • Thickened Dye Paints: 10 Learning Projects
  • Grays and Neutrals
  • Mark Making: 8 Suggested Projects
  • Troubleshooting for Surface Design
  • Corresponds with note cards within the Video Tutorials

Book: 100 pages
(20) Recipe & Dye Chart Cards

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