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Committed To Cloth

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A Practical Guide to Design and Composition

A transatlantic collaboration between Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan, the third book in the Committed to Cloth series aims to help those who are seeking a surer artistic voice by providing practical exercises and guidance on different ways forward.

The book is divided into four key sections:

  • How to Get Started: whether you’re full of ideas or running on empty, how do you begin the process of designing?
  • How to Move Forward: getting to grips with the principles, tools and language of design, plus strategies to solve design problems.
  • How’s it Going: everyone gets stuck now and then. Here we offer a strategy to evaluate the problem, contemplate the solutions and make the needed changes to get going again.
  • Going Deeper: exercises to do when you’re seeking to make your work purposeful, or seeking to push through to a deeper place.
Both an inspirational and ‘how to’ book, the 64 pages work hard to act as a guide to accompany artists on their journey. Each exercise is clear, written in Plain English and well illustrated with over 130 photographs and examples. We feel it’s user-friendly enough to encourage beginners to get started and help more experienced artists to re-focus.

Spiralbound, 64 pages + 131 colour images
ISBN 978-0-9551649-2-7

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