Exploring Natural Dyes with Michel Garcia and Yoshiko Wada in Brittany France!

Image of DVD and Britanny, France countryside.

In April Yoshiko Wada and I traveled to Brittany, France to spend two weeks with Michel Garcia in his new studio and home workshop on the coast of France. It's always exciting to see what Michel is up to and how he uses local plants and ancient methods to create natural dye processes.

The upcoming DVD, "Beyond Mordants: Indigo Intensive and Direct Application of Dyes" is an exploration of in-depth indigo vat processes as well as how to use sodium alginate from sea weed as a thickener for the direct application of dyes on fabric without the use of mordants. The DVD will be 2-discs as usual for the Natural Dye Workshop Series and with more than 5 hours of slated video education it sure to pack a lot of new tips and scoops into Michel's ever-expanding world of natural dyeing for fabric arts.

Available from Slow Fiber Studios with subtitles in several languages.