Encaustic Spotlight: Bethany Handfield

Bethany Handfield is an Okanagan artist and teacher who primarily works with a variety of mixed media and encaustic. Bethany loves painting with wax. “[Encaustic] is the perfect medium for artists who love experimentation…there is such a thrill to bringing a creation to life and sharing it with the world”, says Bethany who is passionate about creating art dolls and assemblage sculptures.

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Balinese Double Ikat: Filming in Bali, Indonesia

In this short documentary commissioned by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Studio Galli travels to the Balinese village of Tenganan to discover how double ikat textiles, known as geringsing, are made. Gering means “sick” and sing means “no.” According to ancient Balinese legend, Geringsing are prized for their ability to ward off evil and sickness.

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